Industrial parks have long been recognized as an efficient means of unifying industrial activities with business, infrastructure and service objectives. The term “industrial parks” in this publication is used to denote a range of co-located industrial activities.

The main objective is to amplify on shared commonalities,  and  ensure planned developments are aligned with the objective of fostering economic growth and of improving a location’s competitiveness through potential collaborative and efficiency gains.

The Upington industrial Park will also play a massive role in the Just Energy Transition as one of the key ambitions is to have the park transition and also aid the decarbonization drive toward net zero emissions.


The Upington Industrial Park has been approved under the Industrial Park Revitalization Programme and is strategically positioned in the economy of the Northern Cape Province. Upington is the second-biggest town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, situated 130 km from the Namibian border post and about 350 km from the border post of Botswana, with good access roads such as N10 and N14 effectively linking Namibia and Botswana.

Upington is 500 km from Boegoebaai in Port Nolloth – one of the Ports earmarked for the integrated planning of South Africa’s Oceans Economy under the Operation Phakisa programme and which is to be developed into a deep-water port. Upington Industrial Park is situated next to Upington International Airport and therefore offers the potential investor the luxury, efficiency and convenience of the various modes of transport.

Through the Industrial Park Revitalization Programme, investors can enjoy a number of benefits, ranging from controlled access points to the incentivised provision of world-class infrastructure and relaxed municipal tariffs. Upington Industrial Park is the central point of the Northern Cape Industrial Corridor and ultimate investment destination that boasts endless growth opportunities. 

The project supports the ideals of the industrialised society and offers the following benefits to the keen investor:


Harnessing the necessary skills required by the investor industry’s specific needs and training of SMMEs for future expansion.


Ensuring improved local capacity, capability, foot print and service levels.




Components manufacturing. The majority of solar investors in South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) are located in the Northern Cape. There is an increasing demand for photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The focus on the renewable energy sector is part of an international trend with many countries setting ambitious targets to be met in coming decades. Keen investors are invited to take up space in the UIP for generation, components manufacturing and any other energy-related activities.


Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) is looking for investors to locate to prime land, to be involved in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts. Storage of these aircrafts is another option given the unique climatic conditions offered by Upington. Another advantage is that Upington International Airport has three runaways of which one measures 4 900 metres, one of the longest in the world and certainly the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. The length of this runway is long enough to land a space shuttle and therefore enables the airport to play its part in cargo distribution by sending cars, livestock, mining equipment etc to other countries.


Vehicle testing and long-term evaluation. Vehicle manufacturers are attracted to high temperatures, rough tracks and good roads. Upington International Airport specialises in providing a service to charter flights for the automotive industry. With the four biggest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) testing their exploits every year in Upington for four months, it makes for a sound business proposition to invest in the park and take opportunities in the automotive sector. Automotive testing is a common phenomenon in Upington with patrons extensively utilising Upington International Airport to charter cargo to Upington for car-testing and for spare parts.


The ZF Mgcawu District in which Upington is situated is well known for producing export- quality grapes, citrus, dried fruit such as raisins and other fruits. Given some of the most extreme weather conditions to be found anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, this sector is ready for investors who wants to take advantage of the best grapes and dates in the world. An established market in Europe and other parts around the globe has already been established and interested investors are assured of the best produce that will realise a speedy return on their investments.


Upington’s relationship to the SADC countries and with several modes of transport meeting in the town, make it an ideal logistics hub. Within the Northern Cape Industrial Corridor, Upington Industrial Park is central and is ideal for dealing with activities related to transportation, organization, separation, coordination and distribution of goods for national and international transit.


An investment in Upington will ensure a foothold into SADC and the rest of Africa – enabled with infrastructure, support services and several modes of transport.

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